be Fitness is about choosing to live life differently, choosing to be happy, and endlessly pursuing the best version of ourselves.

be Fitness is about challenging the complacent and driving the competitor to new levels. It’s about exploring our fears, being spontaneous and fun saying F_YEAH!

Together we gather as a community participating in something greater than ourselves. Where we radically accept the people we meet for the incredible humans they are and wholly accept ourselves in the same right.


We motivate the beginner. We challenge the complacent. We drive the competitor to new levels. We are be Fitness!

Core Values:

Pride – Every Detail, every minute, never settle for mediocrity
Lead – Only the best in programming, knowledge, and customer service, set an example for the team
Environment – “the spot”, the “I have to go”
Vision – Never Stop, never quit, always , always look ahead
Role – Know it and believe in it
Culture – Create a complete culture of emotional connection with our members. Beyond price and beyond what the competitors are doing.

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